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hate my health insurance

August 15th, 2007 at 09:18 pm

Since I work on a contract basis I get to pay for my own health insurance, read high deductible, low benefits, big ugly copays. Within the last week I've gotten to pay the following:

$2,000.00 to OB for delivery (delivery only, this was my copay)
$800.00 for epidural (they don't cover that)
$417.00 (for pediatrician and first two well baby visits, copays and deductible)
$499.00 to hospital to cover my stay

I did cancel my dental insurance (with the same company) as they wanted to raise my monthly rate $70.00 because I was putting the baby on my medical insurance. They have a policy that any additional family members, regardless of whether they are able to use the dental benefits or not raise the rate, absolutely ridiculous....

Universal healthcare anyone????

4 Responses to “hate my health insurance”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    Yikes! Those copays are ridiculous!

    Universal health care has some issues but I am so glad that I'm covered by it. Forgetting all the politics and problems its nice to be able to get necessary health care and not have to worry about if you can afford it.

    I hope Mommy, Baby and all are doing well!

  2. katwoman Says:

    I know what you mean.

    Don't you have a maximum oop amount? That's the option I chose.

  3. fairy74 Says:

    Thanks yummy we are doing great! Thankfully I have an HSA and we set aside a seperate baby fund, but it just seems ridiculous to me. I know everyone blames it on lawsuits and medical malpractice, but I'm an attorney and in CA they are limited by statute to $250,000.00 so that can't really be the answer.

    Katwoman, yes mine is limited at $5,000 but that is $5,000 for me and $5,000 for the baby. If I were to go any lower my monthly premium would triple and it is already ridiculous as it is.

  4. fern Says:

    The healthcare system in the US is fundamentally broken. Health insurance companies are among the top 3 least admired industries in this country. I believe telemarketers also shared that honor.

    You should see the movie Sicko.

    If you work at starbucks for minimum 20 hours a week you get on their group healthcare plan. Worth considering if money is not the priority.

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