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Thanksgiving day tally

November 21st, 2006 at 10:47 am

Just adding up how much turkey day is going to cost: total of 7 people coming at this point.

2 boxes of mashed potatoes (have already)
ice cream (left over from dh bday)
turkey ($9 with /$25 purchase at VONS)
stuffing ($3)
sparkling cider ($6 on sale at Big Lots)
Beer (off brand but ok, bil will probably bring the good stuff $10)
pumpkin and pecan "birthday" pies ($10)
cranberry sauce (3.00)
veggies ($6.00)
all important black olives for my fingers ($4)
pumpkin jar candle (4.50 half off Smile)

Total: 55.50 (I budgeted $70 so now some extra money goes into savings yeah!)

thanksgiving flowers (free--got a beautiful bouquet as an early bday present from my secretaries)

will do a centerpiece with leaves from our trees, the bouquet and candle on a white tablecloth

Also DH found a lovely little mission coffe table that someone who was moving threw out yesterday, top needs refinishing (which we won't have time to do) but throw another table cloth on it and it can hold the extra food!

Also I just found out that everyone at work is taking me to lunch early for my bday today (most everyone here is taking off early for tday)Smile Yah, love free food.

My List of 25

November 16th, 2006 at 09:52 am

Throwing my .02 cents in since everyone elses was so interesting:

1. I speak English, Spanish, Japanese, French and Arabic.
2. I lived in Japan for 2 years when I was young and then attended Japanese school on Saturdays for five years.
3. I am half Irish and half Mexican
4. I have 3 brothers
5. I tell really, really corny jokes
6. I am always the youngest one in the courtroom and frequently the only female
7. I am very athletic but not particularly coordinated
8. I hate guacamole --- I was left near a large tub of it at a party when I was little ate the whole thing, got very sick, now hate even the color of it
9. I love cartoons
10. Princess Mononoke is my favorite film. DH claims to like it, but five minutes in is dead asleep.
11. I would love to have a Gloch.
12. I love to read
13. I went to all girls catholic high school because I got a D in math in jr. high (too many boys to flirt with!)
14. My favorite class in lawschool was at 8 a.m. bankruptcy, my prof loved me because everyone else was a. bored out of their minds or b. asleep
15. I like to write, but in a very leisurely fashion
16. I hated the rain in Seattle growing up but now sometimes miss it (although I never admit this)
17. I have two tattoos: a butterfly and a pair of praying hands with a rosary and my dad's name (he died four years ago)
18. DH is a tattoo artist and did my tats and I had to take a break every 5 minutes it hurt so bad (I am a wimp!)
19. I am more a closet powerhouse than a front and center star
20. I love purple every shade of it--in fact I drive a purple Geo Storm (it was cheap and it perplexes people).
21. I knew what Harajuku was long before Gwen Stefani
22. I cry at every episode of that Ty Pennington Home Makeover show that helps out poor families
23. Cold Case is my favorite show---Lily Rush is very much like my personality
24. My dogs understand Spanglish...can be a little embarrassing at the dog park
25. I wish they made those super-duper reinforced play clothes for adults because I am so hard on clothes it's ridiculous!

So there you have it!

Extra $45.75

November 9th, 2006 at 10:02 am

Since I am not working on Friday (court holiday), I will not be spending on Friday. Just hanging out at home with DH and the puppies! Yeah! So I have $45.75 left over from my weekly spending fund, it is going on my student loan today, which will bring my grand total to $86,171.35. As ugly as this is, I have paid off $23,828.50 in the last year. If I had paid the minimum payments only $3,000 would have gotten paid off this year! Yeah!

My goal for 2007 is pay off $30,000.00. One step at a time!

Busy weekend/Monday

November 6th, 2006 at 04:59 pm

Had to drive down to LA on Saturday to see DSIL, she is in the hospital with pre-term labor that they are hoping to stop. DH and I actually packed a bag with ice, sodas, sandwiches, etc... (saved us about $20 in hospital cafeteria food). Then we drove back up the same night (2.5 hours). We were beat but avoided having to pay for a hotel (Thank God for rest stops!) Helped some friends move on Sunday--with the understanding they will help us move in April (Line the troops up early..he he...). I had today off work as I had a doctor's appointment (paid they copay in cash---yeah, normally would just have slid the card out). The girl at the front desk did not appear to have seen cash before which made me laugh, she had to ask 2 other people where to get the change. Tonight I am relaxing and DH is doing a set of tattoos for a couple who has been married 15 years and just now decided to get tattoos of each other's names...Cute! Back to the grindstone tomorrow, UGH!!!!

DH Birthday (on the cheap)

November 1st, 2006 at 09:39 am

DH is 39 today! I am an emotional spender and have been trying really hard to get my stuff organized early, so that I can give a nice gift, but not overspend...so here is the final tally

Mountain Bike (52.30 at Walmart)
card & candy (1.50)
cake (made at home 2.75)
pizza (ordering w/coupon tonight $10)
DVD rental (free, netflix)
streamers (1.50 Longs after halloween)
ice cream (2.50)

Budgeted $100.00
Actual $70.55

Yahoo! Under budget by 29.45---making extra 29.45 payment on student loan at lunch today!!!

DH eyes lighting up like a kid on Christmas when he saw his bike this morning---PRICELESS, he has today off and will probably ride all day