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hate my health insurance

August 15th, 2007 at 09:18 pm

Since I work on a contract basis I get to pay for my own health insurance, read high deductible, low benefits, big ugly copays. Within the last week I've gotten to pay the following:

$2,000.00 to OB for delivery (delivery only, this was my copay)
$800.00 for epidural (they don't cover that)
$417.00 (for pediatrician and first two well baby visits, copays and deductible)
$499.00 to hospital to cover my stay

I did cancel my dental insurance (with the same company) as they wanted to raise my monthly rate $70.00 because I was putting the baby on my medical insurance. They have a policy that any additional family members, regardless of whether they are able to use the dental benefits or not raise the rate, absolutely ridiculous....

Universal healthcare anyone????