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Won a door prize, bad hostess manners?

May 19th, 2007 at 05:42 pm

I had to attend a CLE yesterday for my continuing education credits. Actually, it is one that I enjoy so it wasn't too bad, lunch was included and I won one of the door prizes....a bag of groceries from Trader Joe's in a reusable tote! Lots and lots of cool stuff to stock the pantry and the tote is perfect for the beach (oilcloth type material)...Yeah! The last time I won somehting was a cake at a cakewalk in second grade, so I was a little overdue!

Sold another book on half.com

Found the carseat we had been eyeing for $10 less on Walmart with free site to store shipping, so I went ahead and ordered it.

Paid life insurance bill and health inurance bill.

I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow for a former co-worker. The lady hosting the shower put the registry information in the invitation and a little handwritten note that she suggests something in the $25-50 range (What are you kidding me? How rude can someone be?) 3 other people who are going to the shower have emailed me to express their outrage. I bought a really cute little boy (12 month outfit) and a nice set of bibs for $6.50 at Ross, added a cute card and gift bag from the dollar store and have a really cute gift for $8.00. Hopefully hostesses suggesting what price range they think invited guests should purchase in is not a trend...iiiccckkk!

10 Responses to “Won a door prize, bad hostess manners?”

  1. shiela Says:

    Yeah I agree...Ick!

  2. scfr Says:

    What a cool door prize to win ... so nice that it was something useful!

    And yes, I agree, very icky of the hostess!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    Congrats on the big "win"!
    Really, how odd for her to request that! What about the people that "pitch in" to buy something? Don't they want $60 gifts? I wonder if the mom-to-be know she put that in there?

  4. monkeymama Says:

    That is pretty odd, though I find it funny she limited it to $50 now that you mention it. IT would make me want to spend $5 - LOL. But you wonder if it is the hostess or the giftee...

  5. Tightwad Kitty Says:

    Registry information for baby showers are common here. I don't go to the many Baby Showers. It they did to me that then I would give a Store Gift Voucher at Target or K-mart. My friend is making gifts for baby showers as her nieces are having them. They wanted $25 for bassinette undersheet & top sheet each. When they measured it and found that it was same size a regular pillowcase at a quarter of the price & same brand. So they bought of four these & one single sheet @ $16.00 cut into four then hemmed it and got four sets for less than the price of one set.
    We did this when my son was a baby too!


  6. littlegopher Says:

    A very nice door prize! All I can say is wow on the shower invitation - kind of nervy on the hostess' part.

  7. fairy74 Says:

    I found out last night that the girl they are holding the shower for knew nothing about it. She called me upset because several people she expected to come to her shower, unexpectedly declined. I am a very up front person, so I told her what had happened and why so many people were upset. I do feel bad for her as she is not that way at all.

    Tightwad Kitty: I love the idea for the bassinet sheets! Smile Cool...

  8. LuckyRobin Says:

    Maybe you can make it known to the people that were offended that it was the hostess who was at fault in this instance. Maybe someone could give the girl a second shower without such a bad hostess or something.

    One possiblity is that folks like to wait until the baby is born and then find out what is needed. Sort of a welcome to the world baby shower.

  9. fairy74 Says:

    Robin: I told everyone I knew who was going what had happened, unfortunately a lot of the people I didn't know at all...so I didn't really feel comfortable saying anything to them

    I think her sister in law is throwing her another shower in June, this was more for friends/former co-workers kind of thing...

  10. LdyFaile Says:

    Wow yeah I'm not sure how I would respond to the invitation. Probably ignore the 'suggestion' and just get whatever I felt was appropriate.

    I did get an invite to a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party that asked if we could to bring $20 to put towards a group gift for the future bride and groom. I thought it was an awesome idea to do a group gift like that but I must admit I was a little taken aback when I first read it.

    Congrats on the door prize! I try to take back paper bags to get an entry for their $25 gift card drawing at Trader Joe's. I have yet to win but it keeps the population of paper bags down in the closet. Smile

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