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ebates refund posted to paypal

May 16th, 2007 at 11:33 am

Big Fat Refund posted to paypal today ($16.00) which can now be used towards DH's tattoo supplies as he needs more ink.

Paid $256.00 for next six months car insurance and saved $38.00 over paying monthly.

Paid $56.00 Verizon phone bill.

Cancelled stupid Cingular cell phone contract, which ends on May 25, 2007, ordered new tracfone with free time cards for $20.00 on a good deal I found on deal taker.

received EOB for last ultrasound, my portion will be 89.00,will do a check before next OB appt and add into baby total.

survived 3 hour GTT with no problems...Yahoo! Will get results next week and feeling much better on low dose BP medicine, it's amazing how much your BP rising just a little affects everything....

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