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Expensive day yesterday

May 10th, 2007 at 09:54 am

Expensive and busy. Had an appointment with the doctor in the morning. Have to go on a low level blood pressure medicine for the time being. Also my 1 hour GCT was 2 points above the cutoff (just found out about 5 minutes ago) so now I have to go for the 3 hour GTT (ick!).

After the doctor went Supecuts and got a haircut and brow wax : $25.00
Albertsons for groceries and treats for 3 girls in our office who are graduating and we are having a party for tomorrow: $38.40 ($12.00 will be reimbursed by office for the treats)
Staples for drafting pencils DH needed and padded envelopes I needed : $9.95
auto service center for smog check: $32.00 (they did the automatic pass to DMV so I don't have to go stand in line)
DMV tag renewal fee: $58 (one more reason to love the Geo, our neighbor was just telling us he had to pay $314.00 to get tags for his massive Cadillac Escalade)

New Baby expenses---I'll update total later this week:

$10.00 copay for BP medication due to rising BP
$6.00 Little Tikes Size 2 Mega Pack Diapers on sale at big lots
$2.00 20 sticky tray/table protectors at Big Lots
$3.00 Baby sunblock at Big Lots (we spend a lot of time at the beach so this is a must)
$12.99 for two to the ugliest nightgowns I've ever seen at Ross, but they fit and were comfortable, our local hospital requires 2 gowns in your luggage when you have the baby---personally I absolutely hate nightgowns...
$9.00 really, really cute Sesame Street three piece overalls, shirt and shorts (complete impulse buy)

Only large item left to purchase is the car seat

New Gifts: Camo shirt/shorts and little sandals set from one of DH's old Army buddies (DH was in the Army for 14 years)

Because we have the graduation lunch for three of the girls in our office today, lunch will be on the boss--Yahoo!

3 Responses to “Expensive day yesterday”

  1. JanH Says:

    I am sorry about your blood pressure, but I am so very glad they are staying on top of it. My doctor didn't and I knew nothing about it until later. Glad yours is taking such good care of you! Been through the long glucose test! I was borderline hypoglycemic and the glucose made me fall asleep. I drove the nurse nuts trying to wake me up for each half hour blood/urine test. Of course, this was in the good old days. Hope they have a better way of doing it now. Good luck and keep us posted!
    P.S. I'm not a nightgown person either. They don't keep my legs warm enough.

  2. fairy74 Says:

    thanks for the nice words Jan, I'm hoping the three hour test is not too yucky, but I have decided not think about it, it will just stress me out. I hate nightgowns for the same reason, plus they make everyone look about 100 years old and 100 pounds heavier...

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