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updated baby spending 4/9/07

April 9th, 2007 at 10:05 am

New total: 797.02
Old Total: 633.02

spent 2.00 at the dollar store on a tube of Desitin and a nasal aspirator

had to pay 162.00 to birth defects screening program for the state....glad to know no problems but here is my rant. Starting at age 30 the state of CA requires pregnant woment to get these tests...here's the icky loophole, insurance doesn't start paying for these tests until age 35...stupid!

First baby gift: from SIL very cute lion romper, bib, shoe and socks

2 Responses to “updated baby spending 4/9/07”

  1. homebody Says:

    You are really smart to be buying things in advance. I had no health insurance coverage for my third pregnancy (stupidly opted out thinking I was not ever getting pregnant again) and paid for everything. That was 20 years ago and somehow we did it. I bartered with the doc, did his transcription for him for about a year during and after pregnancy, and made $100.00 a month payments to hospital. My total hospital bill was under $1500.00 at the hospital. That will be 20 years ago in August. With the third child I didn't need any drugs and stayed less than 24 hours in the hospital after the birth. I can't remember what I paid for that test, but I think it was fairly new back then and I thought we could opt out. But of course I had it done.

  2. fairy74 Says:

    Thanks homebody. I just saw how crazy people went who didn't preplan. It honestly makes it so much easier to see what you really need if you have time to set everything up. I know some people who are just spending outrageous sums of money and DH and I are trying to do it cheaper (although probably not as cheap as it could be done...) I think you used to be able to opt out of that screening test, but now the only way to opt out is by signing a waiver for religious objections. Just seems like the insurances operating in the state of CA should cover it if they state requires it!

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