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baby total update 3/22/07

March 22nd, 2007 at 10:23 am

Old total: 281.00
new total: 633.02

1. 191.00 Paid off the lab bill copay(my insurance only covers 80% of lab work)

2. 4.65 thrift stores for a new John Lennon receiving blanket, a package of new baby washcloths and 3 very good condition receiving gowns

3. 43.99 Ross (Moses Basket: Tadpoles normally over $100 for $40 came with matress, blanket and pillow, and 3.99 for a six pack of bibs)

4. 21.96 Book Closeouts (will receive 6% back from Ebates) 2 books about natural childbirth, a CD meditation set for pregnancy and delivery, and a copy of the mother's almanac

5. 90.49 Drugstore.com (will recieve 6% back from Ebates and got free shipping) Essential oil massage oil for delivery, 2 pack of mittens, nail clipper, thermometer, 2 pack of baby wash, chlorine free diapers (two jumbo packs), nursing pads, and the breast pump I wanted for $13.00 leass than anyone else was selling it.

New Freebies: A very cute pink robe with green and yellow monkey faces on it, a portable play yard

Ebates rebates go directly to paypal, and DH uses them to purchase tattoo supplies off ebay.

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