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Organic on a budget

March 29th, 2007 at 09:15 am

So this has been a big dilema for me and DH as we would like to do more things organic but it seems so expensive (we are not really mix up your own cleaning supplies at home types), but I decided to see if I could find some budget ways to go organic. There are probably many more but here are my preliminary findings:

1. Natural foods store - they have a sale circular just like the normal stores. If I stick to it religiously there are some very good deals. Also our local natural food store has a cafe/bakery that has a 1 day old rack, delicious, nutrious and half off.

2. Trader Joe's - I used to spend a lot here, so I pretty much put myself on restriction but if you stick to their sales circular (also witty and amusing) there are some good deals, they also have wonderful organic dog food for quite cheap

3. Walmart - I can hear the groaning now, but honestly they also carry very good organic dog food (that includes a $2.00 coupon inside) and have a wonderful line of organic baby clothes that are adorable and affordable

4. Big Lots - here was the real suprise, a cruise through our local big lots (which is not a very large one) yielded Kashi cereals, Annie's organic pastas, Newman's Own popcorn and sauces (all well within expiration dates), Method and Seventh Generation home cleaning supplies and Nature's Gate beauty products....who knew???

5. Starbucks - more groaning...but they do offer used coffee grounds for free for gardening in biodegradable pouches. Ours puts them by the front door in a large bucket but you may have to ask to get them elsewhere. Also using your own mug nets .10 off each beverage purchase.

6. Chevron -weird, but true, they offer Naked juices for .25 cents less than anyone else.

7. Albertsons now has reusable grocery bags, $1.00 each and very sturdy, you get a few cents off for each use.

8. Vons/Safeway has their own fairly large arrary of organic goods (O Organics) and they are frequently on sale

9. Farmer's Market I shop the one near my work once a week and the small one in our town once a week, the smaller one gives the leftovers to the .99 centers superstore---score!!! (I think they do this in exchange for using the parking lot...)

10. ask around, I found out our bookeeper sells veg-fed organic eggs for 1.00 if you don't bring your own box and .75 if you do, another friend was trying to get rid of avacados and lemons, I also found someone who makes wonderful, organic soaps

11. Etsy.com many of the creations here are using recycled goods and make wonderful, unique gifts for not much money while supporting artists

12. Army/Navy these stores are treasure troves for good quality bags, camping equipment, shirts and pants

Free friday

March 28th, 2007 at 10:15 am

How happy am I --- just found out Friday is a court holiday, which means I actually have a day off. Work has been crazy lately and every weekend has been spent driving around to visit family for birthdays, baptisms, confirmations, etc.... so I will enjoy Friday. It's a chance to clean the house, wash the doggies, pay the bills, grocery shop, get some cooking done, and update my speadsheet totals.

Also got a nice Staples rewards coupon for $7.50 and DH needed more printer ink, which happened to be on sale this week, so the printer ink which normally costs $24 will be around $13.50 with sale and coupon.

baby total update 3/22/07

March 22nd, 2007 at 10:23 am

Old total: 281.00
new total: 633.02

1. 191.00 Paid off the lab bill copay(my insurance only covers 80% of lab work)

2. 4.65 thrift stores for a new John Lennon receiving blanket, a package of new baby washcloths and 3 very good condition receiving gowns

3. 43.99 Ross (Moses Basket: Tadpoles normally over $100 for $40 came with matress, blanket and pillow, and 3.99 for a six pack of bibs)

4. 21.96 Book Closeouts (will receive 6% back from Ebates) 2 books about natural childbirth, a CD meditation set for pregnancy and delivery, and a copy of the mother's almanac

5. 90.49 Drugstore.com (will recieve 6% back from Ebates and got free shipping) Essential oil massage oil for delivery, 2 pack of mittens, nail clipper, thermometer, 2 pack of baby wash, chlorine free diapers (two jumbo packs), nursing pads, and the breast pump I wanted for $13.00 leass than anyone else was selling it.

New Freebies: A very cute pink robe with green and yellow monkey faces on it, a portable play yard

Ebates rebates go directly to paypal, and DH uses them to purchase tattoo supplies off ebay.

Geo's up and running again

March 15th, 2007 at 01:20 pm

The problem turned out to be fairly minor a distributor cap and some other associated thingamajig (As you've probably inferred I am no car expert). It cost under $45.00 to fix. Thankfully this means we can put off the intended car purchase until June. Yahoo! Also since the Geo is running well again we will be able to give it to DH's daughter as her car has been acting up lately.

In the other good news category, I got a bonus for a case that had a particulary good settlement so I had an extra $1700 to add to the baby fund. And today is payday, a good day all around Smile

car trouble and baby spending

March 13th, 2007 at 11:46 am

so my trusty 1993 Geo Storm decided to stop running on Saturday night, no warning, just stopped. Thankfully, I was close to home and not in a busy intersection. One of my BIL's lent us his Toyota Camry until we can find another car to buy (had been planning to get another in May or June). Of course, we could fix the Geo but since the diagnosis seems to be "unspecified engine trouble" and the car is worth a maximum of $800-900, doesn't really seem worth it. So now we're on the hunt for a 4 door Mazda, Nissan or Toyota with under 40,000 miles for under $8,500.00. Hopefully, we'll have more time to look this weekend.

Old Baby Total: 236.00
New total: 281.00

Items bought: Ross (Baby sling on clearance for 75% off, a bib that has a waterproof core for 1.00) Walmart (2 thick blankets on sale for $5.00 each, socks on clearance, hand mitts on clearance, 2 5-pack onesies on clearance), Dollar Tree (brand name baby lotion x2, 2 recieving blankets, a rattle with a really cute ducky and two packs of care bears wipes)

Also got an EOB from my health insurance my copay for all the yucky bloodwork will be around $200.00. They never tell you how much bloodwork a pregnancy entails, but it is a lot. I haven't actually added this to the total yet as I haven't received the bill yet, but probably will soon.

tuesday tinkerings

March 6th, 2007 at 02:50 pm

Had a great weekend, went to LA to see family and friends on Saturday, lots of shopping and catching up around home on Sunday.

Bills paid:
Rent $800.00
Extra Student Loan Payment $265.00
Chase MC $225.00
Cell phone $50.00
Savings $1003.00

Shopping Trips:

Food Co - $34.51 (trying to stay under $40.00 per week)
Walmart $65.30 this included 2 planned birthday gifts, a planned baby shower gift, phone card for DH's prepaid phone, new face wash (with $1.00 off coupon) and body wash, and a really cute shirt I found on sale for $3.69

Money spent on trip to LA:

$40.00 (25.00 gas, 8 sandwiches at Subway, packed veggies and drinks, 7.00 on a video for niece)

Only impulse buys: video for niece and shirt at Walmart under $11.00 total, yeah!